You can sell whatever can be legally shipped via the United States Postal Service. SnapItSold retains the right to refuse to sell any item.
1) Once the picture has been sent using the app, it will be dispatched to selected selling agents. Once an agent chooses to take on the item they will ask you questions needed to help sell the item.
2) The agent will propose to you a minimum price which includes our commission, or other pricing, which you will have to accept via SMS message on your phone. Your item will then be on the market.
3) Once sold, you will be informed about the shipping method (See who is shipping the items in the FAQ).
4) When SnaptItSold secures payment the item is shipped.
5) After the buyer has the item and is satisfied, your payment will be sent to you using your preferred method including mailed check or electronic deposit.
Once you send the picture SnapItSold will offer the item to selected agents skilled at selling this type of item.
The different agents use your picture and description to decide if they are best suited to sell the item and if so select it into their queue.
After this point the agent contacts you as necessary to get the information needed to sell the item.
Selling your item may take between hours and weeks.
After two weeks, if your item has not been sold, we will submit it to another selling agent and restart the process.
You will be paid via mailed check or electronic payemnt from SnapItSold once the buyer has received and is satisfied with the item.
Please note, that the buyer will have to send the money to SnapItSold before the item is shipped.
SnapItSold uses three different shipping methods.

1- SnapItSold or the buyer will send you a prepaid shipping box with a tracking number.
2- The Buyer contacts you (with your approval) to pick up the item in person.
3- You ship the item.
Although SnapItSold facilitates shipping, the buyer is responsible for shipping method and cost.
Based on the price of the item, shipping will include insurance. All items sold for $50 or more are required to have shipping insurance. Items less than $50 can have shipping isurance at the buyers or sellers insistance. Uninsured items damaged in shipping are the responsibility of the seller.
You can remove an item for sale at any time.
You just have to edit your item (web or app) and change the seller status of the item from buy to hold, making sure to update the change to the SnapItSold website.
You can have access to all your items on the web My_Items section by providing your phone number and one item number.
You have access to a list of your items, their status and history.
You can contact the agent about any item using My_Items section.
The smart phone SnapItSold app provides the same functionality for editing and item's status or contacting your item's agent.
SnapISold process
1) you take a picture using your smart phone,
2) we fix a price (includes our commission),
3) we sell for you,
4) we are paid,
5) we arrange the shipping,
6) the item is delivered,
7) you are paid.
Contact SnapISold using the link Contacts in the webpage footnote.
SnapItSold has been designed to support various charities and not for profit organizations. When you decide to sell an item, you will be asked if you want the proceeds to go you or the organization of your choice. Please view our charities section to better understand our collaborations and view the organizations you can help support.

Charities looking to be listed in our app should contact us to start the process.